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At House of Uniform we understand the power of unified apparel, and it’s various forms. Be it school wear that we create and modify to your establishments requirements, workwear that caters to various fields which we personalise to befit your corporation, down to your essential backpacks and scholastic stationery items. 



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How We Work

Ever wondered about the process that goes into our products? Well, let's walk you through the steps and show you how it's done.


Our team will work closely with you to make this process as simple as possible. There is alot to cosider when creating a uniform – budget, employee numbers, time frame, future plans, health & safety requirements, sector expectations and special requests. Our will evaluate your current uniforms and capture key brand elements – logos, fonts, colors and personality.


We will do the research, scoar our minds and find you the uniform that fits best with your needs. Mood boards, sample materials and color palettes will be provided to help with visualizing the uniforms clearly.


Garments are manufactured to order. to maintain price competitiveness in the supply of bulk items, We have formed partnerships with carefully selected facilities with strict quality control that ensures satisfaction.


After receiving and processing your initial feedback, We provide samples that can be presented to employees for evaluation. Further design adjustments can be made before final samples are produced.
Our School Wear collection is designed to adapt to growing bodies and withstand the rigors of active children and young adults. By applying timeless, tasteful trends and sensible decisions based on student’s age groups, activity levels, local culture and school identity we design uniforms that truly reflect your schools 'values.

Who We Work With

From designing uniforms for schools, or developing garments for workwear of various fields, here are a couple of establishments that we've worked with


We source our products from various brands and retailers we trust. Quality and precision is a quintessential factor that is present at House of Uniform. From every button that we stitch, knot that we tie, and line that our stationary allows you to draw, we make sure that our products help you enhance your look, as well work, and give you an elevated experience. Have a detailed look into our handcrafted garments and products in the catalogs.

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